International Interdisciplinary Conference on Animal Studies in Krakow

The Conference for BA, MA and PhD students on 25-26 October 2018, organized by the Institute of  European Studies, Jagiellonian University in Kraków intents to think, discuss and exchange about the human-animal relations from a critical perspective. 

Some suggested topics:
– representation of non-human animals in literature, film, music and art or on the internet
– the fight for non-human animal rights and other emancipation struggles
– vegetarianism/veganism – why, in the name of whom and what
– the construction of humanity and animality
– representation of non-human animals in law
– what do we put in the mouths of non-human animals?
– what it means to have a pet?
– capitalism – an enemy or an ally of vegetarianism/veganism
– which non-human animal should I call you to offend you?

Deadline for submission of abstracts is the 1st July 2018.

Abstracts containing up to 1000 characters should be sent with affiliation to: The organizers reserve the right to select the applications. The information about the admission will be sent until 31st July 2018. The conference will be held in a barrier-free venue. There will be no conference fee and therefore no accommodation.