Überblick über die HAS-Konferenzen 2016 (europaweit)

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Published on: 18. Februar 2016


9.-11. März: Animal Biographies – Recovering Animal Selfhood through Interdisciplinary Narration?, Kassel, Deutschland

17-18. März: Animal Ethics and Law in Life Sciences, Bern, Schweiz http://www.animalethicsandlaw.ch/

25. Mai: Animals under Capitalism, Bristol, England

2.-3. Juni: The ideal animal. How images of animals and animals were created. Kassel. http://www.bristol.ac.uk/…/confer…/animals-under-capitalism/

4.-7. Juli: Panel: Back to the Future?‘: Revising Theory in Human-Animal Studies. Aberdeen, England. http://www.arcticdomus.org/events/6838/

11.-14. Juli: The Animal, Uppsala, Schweden

14.-16. September: Panel zu „Anarchism and Animal Liberation“, Loughborough, England, CfP bis 1.3. http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/phir/research/seminars/asn-3.0/

25.-27. November: Animal Politics: Justice, Power, and the State, Leusden, Niederlande, CfP bis 1.4.

25.-27. November: Animal encounters: Human-animal-contacts in the arts, literature culture, and the sciences, Erlangen, Deutschland, CfP bis 15.4.


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